Partner FAQs

What is the Cirrus Partner Program?

Cirrus’ Partner Program is directed at IT service providers and telecommunications service aggregators. We recognise that our services meet the needs of the customers of these sorts of organisations – but that they are only one part of a solution. For an IT services company, this might mean the integration of communications and services solutions to bring additional high-value services to the end customer. For a telecommunications service aggregator, Cirrus’ network can add access to customers at a price-point not previously achievable. In either case, our Partner Program is aimed at integrating with you – and sharing the benefits.

  • Wholesaler partners integrate our Ethernet services into their own service offerings. Cirrus provides wholesale partners with the training and online systems (or data) to monitor and support the service autonomously. Cirrus then  provides third level support. Wholesaler partners receive a significant percentage of revenue.
  • Resellers rely to a greater extent on Cirrus to deliver and support the service.

Cirrus can tailor these options to the needs of our individual partners.

What are the benefits of partnering with Cirrus?
  • Ongoing, incremental revenue.
  • Access to promotions.
  • Expanded  product suite that can be offered to customers.
  • Access to Cirrus knowledge in the form of account management, pre-sales and sales support, and additional information through Partner Portal.
What are Cirrus Ethernet services?

Cirrus Ethernet services are the delivery of high-quality Ethernet connectivity to the required address. For the wholesale customer, these can be managed entirely by Cirrus or delivered to you as a layer 2 service dedicated to that customer or as a L2TP feed.

What are the current Ethernet service prices?

The Cirrus Ethernet Service pricing is available to partners through the Partner Portal. Note that Cirrus also quotes its retail pricing for your reference.

How long does it take to install an Ethernet service?

Cirrus targets less than thirteen days to install a fully operational Ethernet service. This incorporates:

  • Checking network coverage
  • Configuring equipment for the service
  • Physical installation of antenna and cable run to the customer’s data centre
  • Service testing.

It is however possible to request an accelerated service. Service under these conditions can be installed and operational within three days.

How is revenue shared?
  • All customers relating to a partnership are linked to a Partner account in the Cirrus billing system
  • The billing system then logs a percentage of all revenue that is collected through those customers
  • Cirrus then periodically makes a bank transfer to clear the account.
How does Cirrus support cloud computing?

Cirrus works with partners that host application services in their data centres. These partners are on the Cirrus network. By purchasing an ethernet “tail” into the Cirrus network, you can be connected into their data centres with a large unmetered service.

What if I am not within current Cirrus network coverage?

Cirrus is continually expanding its network in response to customer demand. This process is generally straightforward and rapid. So if you are outside our coverage or have your own customers who are, let us know and we can work out how to get the network to you.

How do I become a Cirrus Partner?

Call us on (02) 4336 2000 or 1300 552 698. We can then discuss how we can tailor our program to best meet your needs.

How much data am I likley to use?

All C2’s business plans include unlimited downloads. However, as a general guide, 1GB of data usage will let you:
– Receive 1000 emails
– Surf the web for 20 hours
– Watch 10 four minute YouTube video clips
– Watch three hours of television on ABC iview
– Download 200 four minute music track
– Download 400 photos.

This guide is based on the following assumptions: Email received at 100KB per email, web browsing at 30MB per hour, music download at 4MB per track, photo downloads at 2MB per photo. Note that Youtube videos can vary greatly in their size depending on the resolution downloaded and how they have been created.

How is my service and account secured?

We provide access to account and service data through a portal which is also secured through a username and password.

Only authorised points of contact nominated by our customers will be provided account details or will be permitted to make changes to customers’ account.

Capability Summary

Coverage in all major centres

Bandwidths from 1Mbps to Gbps

Independence from major carriers, so suitable for backup services

Availability of short term contracts

Rapid service delivery

Focus on high service levels and network performance excellence

Remote network build and operation

Solution integration and custom network build

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