Redundancy: worth investing in?

If there's anything that reinforces the need for redundancy for every business serious about its risk management, it's a fibre cut. Fibre is usually fast and reliable. But last week’s fibre cut near NextDC’s Sydney data centre shows the...

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Fixed wireless: the importance of sites

Arthur C Clarke famously said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. Not too many years ago, the concept of pointing an antenna into the air and receiving hundreds or even thousands of megabits per second of data would have seemed...

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100/100 ten days in: what’s the view ahead like?

Ten days have passed since the latest Cirrus product was launched. So how is CirrusX doing, and what does its reception tell us about the market for business-grade wireless services in Australia right now? CirrusX is a 100/100 Mbps service for business, backed by...

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