Layer 2 Services

We offer a wide range of contractual terms on our Layer 2 services – from as short as a couple of days up to three years. Our customers also have the flexibility to turn their service up or down as they require.

We deliver services to partners in data centres in each major city, as well any nominated location within the coverage of the Cirrus network. Cirrus can also offer co-location in one of our data centres.

Layer 2 Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

Many Cirrus partners use Cirrus VPNs to connect multiple sites or offices for their customers. Cirrus makes it easy: we can deliver a VPN even if some of the sites are not serviceable from our network.

Our VPN services are delivered as layer 2. That makes them extremely simple for customers to configure. Site interconnections within the Cirrus network can be arranged using either a star or mesh architecture. Cirrus can also add Internet connectivity into the VPN. We are also able to link the end-user’s IT provider for easier management and support.

Layer 2 tails

Cirrus provides layer 2 connections (or ‘tails’) between an end-user site and a data centre in which our telecommunication partners have a presence.

Our layer 2 tails are completely transparent, and behave just like a “blue cable” between your location and the handoff location.

We interconnect with partners and customers in data centres in all major capital cities and can deliver multiple layer 2 tails on a single interconnect to our wholesale partners.

Cirrus can combine multiple layer 2 tails into a VPN if required.

Data centre presence

Metro Centres

Sydney: Equinix (Sy1, Sy2, Sy3); Global Switch; Fujitsu Homebush; Macquarie Telecom IC2

Melbourne: 101 Collins St; NextDC M1

Brisbane: Pipe DC3

Adelaide: Host Express

Perth: QV1 Cynergic




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