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Terms and Conditions

Cirrus’s Terms and Conditions is the agreement entered into by all users of Cirrus’s services who have not executed a Master Services Agreement (wholesale customers only).

Acceptable Use Policy

The Acceptable Use Policy explains the ways in which the services provided by Cirrus may and may not be used. Our services may not be used for illegal purposes or to cause interference to Cirrus or other users of the network.

Privacy Policy

Cirrus’s Privacy Policy outlines how Cirrus deals with your private information.

Rate Card

Cirrus’ Rate Card outlines Cirrus’s charges for residential grade services.

Complaints Policy

Cirrus treats complaints seriously and follows a strict process for managing your complaint. This policy outlines that process, what you should expect in terms of Cirrus’s response to you, and how to escalate.

Authorised Representatives

In some circumstances, customers seek to appoint another person to manage their account on their behalf. This policy outlines this process. Call Cirrus on 1300 552 698 [option 2 for reception], or email us at admin@cirruscomms.com.au

Financial Hardship Policy

Sometimes customers experience financial hardship and find it difficult to pay their account to Cirrus. Cirrus endeavours to assist those customers through that period. This policy outlines the process.

Critical Information Summary

This summary outlines the key information relating to the services Cirrus provides.

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