Company Overview

Our goal is to be the most innovative wireless solutions provider in the country.

Why is Cirrus so successful in providing fast, reliable wireless broadband?

Cirrus uses state-of-the-art equipment to create its flexible wireless broadband and managed ICT services. Our equipment is fast to install and simple to maintain. That means fast deployment and less down-time for your customers.

Our engineers have deep knowledge of our networks because they plan, design and build them. Our networks are built by our people.

Is Cirrus an Australian company?

When you talk to someone at Cirrus, you know that you are talking with an Australian in Australia.

We employ Australians across the country because we believe in local knowledge and local expertise.

We are an Australian-owned and operated company - a proud Aussie business!

Why partner with Cirrus?

  • Partnering with Cirrus means the chance to grow your business via ours. We can resolve the network issues that slow yours clients' growth.
  • We provide our partners with the chance to optimise incremental recurring revenue.
  • Partners have 24/7 access to our Network operations centre.
  • Our exclusive partner portal gives Cirrus partners a transparent view of data speeds, network operations and response times.
  • Because the Cirrus network is totally independent of the major carriers, when they go down, the Cirrus network stays running.
  • The combination of expertise and quality equipment that Cirrus offers means that we are agile: we can offer fast services, for long or short periods, with the ability to scale as your customers grow.

Performance. Reliability. Flexibility. Quality. That's Cirrus.

Where is Cirrus available?

Cirrus has services in the six biggest state capitals, as well as over ten of the largest regional centres in Australia. We specialise in providing services to underserved areas where the competition won't or can't go.

We have truly national reach.

If you have clients who demand the best broadband and layer 2 services, we want you as a partner. Talk to us. 

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