What we do

Cirrus offers high performance broadband connections that our partners can sell to their end users. Our partners choose Cirrus because:

  • We offer services where other carriers can’t – we have coverage in the ten largest population centres in Australia
  • Our network is independent from Telstra and the other major carriers – that means genuine redundancy services
  • Our network has an unprecedented level of flexibility – we can rapidly turn bandwidths up or down, and we can deliver within days, rather than weeks or months
  • We can offer short terms contracts for any event requiring extra bandwidth
  • We offer service hand-off in major data centres in each state.

End users like Cirrus’ services because they get economical and high quality services from a carrier with a strong service culture.

Wireless domain expertise

The Cirrus network has hundreds of transmission sites and tens of thousands of end-users. It is designed for the delivery of wholesale and retail business-grade data connectivity. It is based around data centres in each major centre and utilises fibre and microwave links to support transmission sites throughout the coverage area. Services are generally delivered to end-users using microwave wireless technologies via an antenna on the end-user’s roof cabled down to their communications room.

Technical culture

We have built our operational systems from the ground up – so we have an expert understanding of how our network is operating. We take reliability seriously.

We are exclusively IP-based. Our network uses Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) to deliver data connectivity from end-to-end over its MPLS core. This architecture allows Cirrus the ability to offer a full spectrum of layer 2 and layer 3 services whilst at the same time controlling network traffic flows to guarantee bandwidth to end-users. The network in all locations displays low latency.

Remote network management

Our powerful network management systems give us the ability to drop a network into location and rapidly deliver high service levels.

We are able to transfer the competitive pricing available in metropolitan data centres to remote or broadband-constrained areas. Our network’s robust architecture, hundreds of transmission sites, and the use of both fibre and microwave backhaul allows us to deliver high speeds with very high levels of uptime.

Systems integration

Whilst the majority of the networks built by Cirrus are also owned and operated by us, we are also able to build turn-key systems to meet end-user needs.

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